Instructive moments from our first online Swiss

    Chess Club News

    We managed to play 56 games in our first online event. I’m very pleased that we got to see some very interesting fighting chess. The lower rated players certainly made their higher rated opponents work for every half point. I certainly got lucky more than once.

    Below you can find some of the interesting positions that occured. You can find the solutions to the questions and more here on lichess.

    Black took command of the position. What’s the best way to proceed?

    In the next game black got a very good position out of the opening unfortunately the tide turned and we reached this position:

    How should white proceede?

    After a tough struggle we reach the following position. White to move and win:

    White didn’t go for the kill in the previous position and a few moves later we reach this point:

    Can black escape his fate?

    In my game against Raphael I got a better position but suddenly we reached this position:

    Raphael just played Qd4 threatening everything. Should white resign?

    I just took a pawn on e4

    Which knight should black take? Or should he play something different all together

    There were many more interesting games played in this tournament. If you want to see one of your games published here please let me know. For more analysis head over to lichess. Once there become a member if you aren’t already and join our San Gabriel Valley Chess Club lichess team.

    You can also play through the complete annotated games here.

    Don’t forget next Friday we will have a 2h Arena blitz tournament on lichess. More on this soon.