Petrosian Open Starts April 2

    Chess Tournaments

    The Rubinstein Open concluded with a 2h Arena Blitz with G6+1 games. The final standing of the blitz tournament can be fonud here:

    Hamlet and Armen had already secured first and second place. Gerald, Larry, and Kevin were fighting it out for third place. In the under 1800 section Arturo won (again) outright and Steve, Manu, and Artem were tied for second, third, and fourth.

    Gerald left his competition behind and finished 4th overall scoring twenty points, thus securing his third place in the Rubinstein open. Manu showed again a very strong blitz performance and finished second with 25 points. This gives him the second place in the under 1800 category. Artem finished 6th place with 11 points and securing his third place.

    Winners, please contact me to make arrangements regarding your prize money.

    Our next tournament is the Petrosian Open. It starts Friday, April 2nd. The modalities are the same as in the last few tournaments. G60+10, 5 round Swiss, and so on. Details can be found here

    This is also the place where you can register.

    This tournament will feature a 50% discount. More and more businesses are opening up again here in Southern California. So far we don’t know when we can resume OTB chess again. Dependent on how things develop we might be able to resume playing chess before this online tournament concludes. Consider the discount a preemptive reimbursement in case we don’t get to play all the rounds of this tournament.

    Also, given that not everybody attending our online tournaments lives locally, we can consider continuing these tournaments post-lockdown. Leave a comment below to let us know what you think.

    The other important point to stress is: Register before Thursday 6pm if you want to be paired in round 1. Due to my non-chess obligations I won’t be able to consider people signing up late for the first round.