Day: February 9, 2024

    Chess Tournaments
    New Year Swiss Draws a Record 66 Players

    New Year Swiss Draws a Record 66 Players

    We got 2024 off to a great start with a record number of players at our first event this year! There was some great chess too, with battles in the last round to see who would prevail. Top seed Axel Muller won his first 4 games and then had to concede a draw against the very talented Ararat Bagdasarian, who defended a tough position. Although just ten years old, Bagdasarian is making a strong impression with a rating of 1946. He tied for second with veteran Arturo Armagnac, both scoring 4-1. It was Muller’s second straight clear first place finish. A National Master, he seems to be regaining his old form.

    The under 1400 section saw the youngsters having their way. Garik Yegoryan (also 10!) posted an impressive 5-0 to take clear first. There was a log jam for second with four players going 4-1, which included Leya Daftuar and Ryan Lu (both age 8) Evan “Jet” Lew ( the “old guy” at age 13 ) and Patrick Harrigan of the CSU Northridge college team. The total prize fund was $600 and shared by the winners in both sections.

    We start the Eaton Canyon Open, another 5 rounder in two sections, on February 13. And stay tuned for our Club Championship, a 7 round tournament with one Open section, starting March 19.