Clubs League Round 5

Chess Clubs League
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San Gabriel Valley was paired against Club Mariano Moreno of Argentina, a strong team. We’ve discovered many Clubs League players are underrated due to results from the prior week. Several games have resulted in large rating swings–as much as 600 points! Do not underestimate your opponent in Clubs League! Five boards were played, and San Gabriel lost by two games. The following is the 2nd game played on Board #1:


Standings after Round 5

# Name Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Total
1 Chess Club Zebra W51 W12 W8 W20 W7 5.0
2 Gill Saint Bernard’s Knights W17 W14 W43 W10 W9 5.0
3 Chess Projects Club Milano H— W27 W47 W12 W15 4.5
4 Cercle D’Echecs De Hull L5 W31 W14 W29 W19 4.0
5 Chess Long Island W4 L10 W42 W13 W18 4.0
6 Club Scacchi Cesena W30 W23 L15 W21 W22 4.0
7 Exeter Chess Club W33 W40 W22 W15 L1 4.0
8 GROP Chess Club W44 W47 L1 W24 W20 4.0
9 The Secret Dark Knight Society W53 W16 W19 W36 L2 4.0
10 Saint Petersburg CC Florida W50 W5 W36 L2 D16 3.5
11 Schachclub Hochstadt a.d. Aisch W39 H— L20 W46 W25 3.5
12 Aatos Chess Club W49 L1 W34 L3 W33 3.0
13 Burlington Ambush Chess Club W29 L36 W28 L5 W31 3.0
14 ChessEmpire [Case Western Univ.] W31 L2 L4 W26 X36 3.0
15 Club Ajedrez Puerta Elvira W25 W21 W6 L7 L3 3.0
16 Coachella Chess Club W48 L9 W50 H— D10 3.0
17 Galeria de Xadrez Borba Gato L2 L28 W53 W43 W29 3.0
18 Los Angeles Chess Fortress W37 L19 W48 B— L5 3.0
19 Los Pujamaderas Chess Club W45 W18 L9 W50 L4 3.0
20 Noble Park Chess Club W34 W24 W11 L1 L8 3.0
21 SK Povazske Podhradie W52 L15 W39 L6 W40 3.0
22 Stockport Chess Club W32 W42 L7 W40 L6 3.0
23 TJ Bohemians Praha W46 L6 L24 W32 W30 3.0
24 TJ Valasska Bystrice – Sachy W55 L20 W23 L8 W27 3.0
25 Circolo Scacchistico Forlivese L15 W49 D46 W41 L11 2.5
26 Club Mariano Moreno D43 W54 L29 L14 W45 2.5
27 Airbus Chess Club L47 L3 W30 W44 L24 2.0
28 Aurora CC 2012 L36 W17 L13 L31 W43 2.0
29 Billiards Cafe Chess Club L13 W53 W26 L4 L17 2.0
30 Club Atletismo Huesca L6 W33 L27 W42 L23 2.0
31 Columbia SC Chess Club L14 L4 W35 W28 L13 2.0
32 Eagle and Child Chess L22 D38 D41 L23 W49 2.0
33 Echiquier du Grand Ales L7 L30 W49 W52 L12 2.0
34 Hobart Chess Club L20 W51 L12 L37 W50 2.0
35 Huntsville Chess Club D54 L43 L31 W53 D37 2.0
36 IHOP Chess Club W28 W13 L10 L9 F14 U— 2.0
37 Lincoln High School Chess Club L18 L48 D45 W34 D35 2.0
38 Lycee Francais D’Agadir CC L42 D32 L40 D51 X46 2.0
39 Schaakclub’t Ros Dendermonde L11 W52 L21 X47 U— 2.0
40 Warley Quinborne W41 L7 W38 L22 L21 2.0
41 Wimbledon Chess Club L40 W44 D32 L25 D42 2.0
42 Badgers Brook Chess Club W38 L22 L5 L30 D41 1.5
43 Club Depor. Esp. de Buenos Aires D26 W35 L2 L17 L28 1.5
44 Hermanus Chess Club L8 L41 W55 L27 D51 1.5
45 San Gabriel Valley Chess Club L19 L50 D37 W48 L26 1.5
46 Val Parisis Echecs- Franconville L23 W55 D25 L11 F38 1.5
47 A.D. Scacchi Foggia W27 L8 L3 F39 U— 1.0
48 Highland High School Chess Club L16 W37 L18 L45 U— 1.0
49 Phoenix Chess Club L12 L25 L33 W55 L32 1.0
50 Reno Chess Club L10 W45 L16 L19 L34 1.0
51 ShahmatKG L1 L34 L52 D38 D44 1.0
52 SK Ceska Lipa L21 L39 W51 L33 U— 1.0
53 Villages Chess Club of Florida L9 L29 L17 L35 B— 1.0
54 Jacksonville Chess Club NC D35 L26 U— 0.5
55 Gazmag Sakk Szakosztaly L24 L46 L44 L49 U— 0.0
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