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Alta Dena Community Church
Chess Club News
In-Person Chess Returns to San Gabriel Valley Chess Club October 19th!

New Site – New Night!

We are very pleased to announce that we will hold “The Altadena Open,” a five round Swiss starting Tuesday, October 19, 2021, at the Altadena Community Church located at 943 East Altadena Drive in Altadena, CA 91001, our new meeting site. All existing Club memberships will be honored and reset anew. You may register in advance here:

It has been 17 months since our last event at the Sierra Madre YMCA, a site we truly loved but unable to reopen for our needs since the pandemic.  We also know that Friday night chess has a long tradition in our area, but it is not a night where we can find an available site.  So, like the Arcadia Chess Club–which met on a work/school night for years with great success–we will do the same. 


Play will take place at the Church’s Heicher Hall, a large building that can seat 200 people with a stage, kitchen and private parking lot. Heicher Hall sits to the back and the right of the Church building. 

The Church has two parking lots. The closest to the playing site entrance is the upper lot that you access by the driveway on the right. PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN ANY NUMBERED SPACE AS THEY ARE RESERVED FOR TENANTS. There is also a lower level lot off the street and street parking is available.

Altadena Church Driveway Alta Dena Church Parking

Doors will open at 6:30 pm. and will close by 10:00pm.  As a result, we will have a single time control game each round like Game/85 with 5-second delay.  Games will start around 6:50.  Again, we understand this is not the time control some are used to, but we we either adapt to the situation or remain closed—something we have endured far too long. Register for the tournament here:

In Los Angeles County, everyone must still wear a mask in all indoor public settings, venues, gatherings, public and private businesses and at outdoor Mega Events, regardless of their vaccination status. When people wear a mask correctly, they protect others as well as themselves. Don’t make us ask, wear a mask.

So this is a new chapter in San Gabriel Valley Chess Club’s young story and one we hope you will share with us. 

Who could have known when we had our grand opening in March of 2020 what was forthcoming. Nor can anyone predict what is still in store. But as chess players, we do best in our games when we can adapt and respond to the unexpected. And so it is here.  We have found an opportunity to meet and play again in person during a most challenging time and that says a lot.

Clubs League Season 3
Chess Club News
Clubs League Season 3 Returns June 12!

We are pleased to announce that SGVCC will once again participate in Club match play on the site. This is your chance to show your club pride and share in the thrill of team match play.

Each match consist of two segments: a Rapid game at 15 plus 2 second increment followed by a Blitz game at  3/2. All games count the same and you can play in both segments or just one if you prefer.

The event will consist of seven matches played over  seven Saturdays starting June 12 thru July 31. July 10 is set aside for a makeup day if necessary. The match starts at 10:00 a.m. PST and generally ends by 11:30. Registration is open 1 hour before the start time and you can play as few or many matches as you like. We are asked to let the other team know how many players we expect each week and you can send that message to Team Administrator John Wright at JRWright on the site. Again, it is fine if you can’t play at the last minute and this is just a way to let the team captains organize things so everyone hopefully gets a game.

Our first two seasons in Club League have been great fun and it is one of’s most popular events. We have played clubs from all across the U.S., Mexico and South America. We hope to see many of you there!

Clubs League Season 3
Club Matches: Live
Season 2: All Even After 3 Rounds!

It took some effort, but we managed to get back to an even score after our win over Billiards’s Chess Club in Round 3. We had faced a very strong SoCal rival, LA Fortress in Round 1, which we lost, but then drew our Round 2 match against the Boyleston Chess Club of Boston. Our biggest problem had been in the Blitz portion for the matches–which count the same as the Rapid. The 3 minute with 2 second increment t/c had been brutal. After winning the Rapid section against Boyleston, we only managed one draw out of 10 games in the Blitz section. And against basically the same players we had just beat!

So Co-Team Admin Laura Nyström put out an APB for Blitz help (remember you can play in only one section if you prefer). We also had a later 4:00 pm start time, which might have helped as we had our biggest turnout with seven players. Unfortunately not everyone got a game as the other team did not have as many players, so sorry to those that were affected. But we did have some new faces in the Blitz section, including NM and Club Treasurer Axel Müller, Chris “Dr. Nimzo” Stychinsky, and Arturo Armagnac.

After winning the Rapid Section 5-3, it looked like we were in for our usual heartache in the Blitz. We were down a full point after the first set of games. But then Axel, Chris, and Arturo combined to score 3 out of 4 points in the second set of games and the comeback was complete! Axel won both his blitz games on Board 1 and Arturo did a great job on Board 4 with a win and a draw. Your reporter declined to play the blitz section and is glad he did!

But, like all team matches, every win or draw is critical, so kudos to all. A couple of games from the Rapid Section of Round 3 that caught my attention were Capatal 2’s nice handling of the Torre Attack:

Also take a look at Richard “Rippapawnoff’” Reid’s 83-move win with the French Defense. Who knew you could play this many moves in a 15 minute game!

You can check out the Round 3 games and all the matches from Season 2 below. If you like the later start time please let us know in the comments and we will do our best to work it out with our future opponents. Hope we see many of you back for Round 4 this Saturday!

Clubs League Season 3
Chess Club News
Seeking Players for Clubs League Season 2

Players of all ratings are invited to join’s Season 2 of Clubs League — tentatively scheduled for Saturday, November 7 through Saturday, December 19, 2020. John Wright will be the Team Admin. Leave a Comment below if you’d like to play.

There are two divisions – Division A and Division B. There is no difference in the divisions besides the minimum number of players per match. Division A has a minimum of 10 boards per match. Division B has a minimum of 5 boards per match. We are seeking as many players as possible so that we may qualify for Division A.

Each match is a club vs. club match of two segments – rapid and blitz. In each segment, the club with the most game points wins that match segment.

Each segment is weighted equally – if a club wins both segments, they earn a full match point, if one club wins the rapid and the other club wins the blitz, it is a tied match.  In case one segment is tied, the club that wins the other segment will receive the full match point.  Game points are not relevant in determining the match result. Only the result of each segment (win, loss, draw) is significant.

👉🏽 Players are not required to play both segments in a match – they may play either segment, or both. 

In each segment (rapid and blitz), each player will play 2 games against the same opponent (white/black).  Players will not necessarily play the same player in both segments.

The rapid time control is 15 minutes plus 2 second increment. The blitz time control is 3 minutes plus 2 second increment.

Players should show up early for their matches and ensure a stable connection. It is recommended but not required to play from a computer in case of connectivity issues. Players must join the rapid and blitz segments separately.

Clubs are encouraged to bring as many players as possible to each match.  The minimum for each segment of each match is 10 players per club for Division A and 5 players per club for Division B.  If a club brings less than the minimum number of players, the match will still be played, but that club will be forfeited on the “missing” boards. We are hoping to get 10-15 players committed to playing for the SGVCC Team so that we can can qualify for Division A. John Wright will be the Team Admin for Season 2.

👉🏽 We do not have to use the same players for each match.

The default match time is Saturday 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern Time.

The top 16 clubs in each division will qualify for the playoffs (scheduled for January 2021). The League will tentatively have weekly matches on seven (7) consecutive Saturdays – November 7, November 14, November 21, November 28, December 5, December 12, December 19, 2020.

Leave a Comment below or get in touch with John Wright if you’d like to be part of the team or have any questions.

Chess Tournaments

Please, use the following link to register:

Standings at: 


We are pleased to announce our first 5 round event starting August 7th and concluding on September 4th.

Entry is free and rounds will start each Friday at 7:10 p.m. The games will be 25 minute + 10 sec. with two games against the same opponent per round. will be the playing site and’s rapid ratings will be used.

We will also have a Prize Fund! Overall 1st-3rd is $60/40/30. Best Junior (u16), Senior (60 and over) and Best Female player are all $25 each. Registration ends on August 7th at 5pm. So sign up early!

To join, use the Contact Form to send a message with your full name, USCF ID, and username before 4pm on Friday, August 7th.

Games will start Fridays at 7:10 pm. To play, please log into the Live server a few minutes before the start of the round, and challenge your assigned opponent to a G25+10 game. After the game is finished, play a second game with reversed colors. Finally, download the PGN for both games and email them to [email protected] Mention the round, players, and result in the subject.

Chess Tournaments Club Matches: Live
Clubs League: Round 6 (We Won!)

Round 6 was played against Deportivo Español de Buenos Aires of Argentina on 4th of July. Randy Hough, Richard Reid and John Wright played on 3 boards, and the team from Argentina forfeited 2 points.  San Gabriel won with 5.5 points vs. Buenos Aires’ .5.

Round 6 Results

Featured Game:

“It was an interesting game because he had the Bishop pair. But after I traded off the white-square Bishop, I think my Knight was superior” — John R. Wright

Standings After Round 6
#PlaceNameRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Rd 6Rd 7Tot
11Chess Club ZebraW44W8W6W13W4W56.0
22Chess Projects Club MilanoH—W31W49W8W21W105.5
33-6Cercle D’Echecs De HullL9W24W17W37W12W155.0
4Exeter Chess ClubW39W29W14W21L1W195.0
5Gill Saint Bernard’s KnightsW11W17W46W7W15L15.0
6GROP Chess ClubW47W49L1W16W13W95.0
77Saint Petersburg CC FloridaW52W9W41L5D23W204.5
88-16Aatos Chess ClubW51L1W40L2W39X214.0
9Chess Long IslandW3L7W32W20W26L64.0
10Club Scacchi CesenaW22W28L21W27W14L24.0
11Galeria de Xadrez Borba GatoL5L36W45W46W37W264.0
12Los Pujamaderas Chess ClubW35W26L15W52L3X234.0
13Noble Park Chess ClubW40W16W19L1L6W274.0
14Stockport Chess ClubW38W32L4W29L10W284.0
15The Secret Dark Knight SocietyW45W23W12W41L5L34.0
16TJ Valasska Bystrice – SachyW55L13W28L6W31W334.0
1717-19ChessEmpire [Case Western Univ.]W24L5L3W33X41H—3.5
18Circolo Scacchistico ForliveseL21W51D48W30L19W383.5
19Schachclub Hochstadt a.d. AischW43H—L13W48W18L43.5
2020-30Burlington Ambush Chess ClubW37L41W36L9W24L73.0
21Club Ajedrez Puerta ElviraW18W27W10L4L2F8U—3.0
22Club Atletismo HuescaL10W39L31W32L28W403.0
23Coachella Chess ClubW50L15W52H—D7F12U—3.0
24Columbia SC Chess ClubL17L3W25W36L20W423.0
25Huntsville Chess ClubD54L46L24W45D34W373.0
26Los Angeles Chess FortressW34L12W50B—L9L113.0
27SK Povazske PodhradieW53L21W43L10W29L133.0
28TJ Bohemians PrahaW48L10L16W38W22L143.0
29Warley QuinborneW30L4W42L14L27W363.0
30Wimbledon Chess ClubL29W47D38L18D32W393.0
3131-35Airbus Chess ClubL49L2W22W47L16H—2.5
32Badgers Brook Chess ClubW42L14L9L22D30W472.5
33Club Mariano MorenoD46W54L37L17W35L162.5
34Lincoln High School Chess ClubL26L50D35W40D25H—2.5
35San Gabriel Valley Chess ClubL12L52D34W50L33W462.5
3636-45Aurora CC 2012L41W11L20L24W46L292.0
37Billiards Cafe Chess ClubL20W45W33L3L11L252.0
38Eagle and Child ChessL14D42D30L28W51L182.0
39Echiquier du Grand AlesL4L22W51W53L8L302.0
40Hobart Chess ClubL13W44L8L34W52L222.0
41IHOP Chess ClubW36W20L7L15F17U—2.0
42Lycee Francais D’Agadir CCL32D38L29D44X48L242.0
43Schaakclub’t Ros DendermondeL19W53L27X49U—2.0
45Villages Chess Club of FloridaL15L37L11L25B—W522.0
4646-48Club Depor. Esp. de Buenos AiresD33W25L5L11L36L351.5
47Hermanus Chess ClubL6L30W55L31D44L321.5
48Val Parisis Echecs- FranconvilleL28W55D18L19F421.5
4949-53A.D. Scacchi FoggiaW31L6L2F43U—1.0
50Highland High School Chess ClubL23W34L26L35U—1.0
51Phoenix Chess ClubL8L18L39W55L38F44U—1.0
52Reno Chess ClubL7W35L23L12L40L451.0
53SK Ceska LipaL27L43W44L39U—U—1.0
5454Jacksonville Chess Club NCD25L33U—0.5
5555Gazmag Sakk SzakosztalyL16L48L47L51U—U—0.0
Clubs League Season 3
Chess Tournaments Club Matches: Live
Clubs League Round 5

San Gabriel Valley was paired against Club Mariano Moreno of Argentina, a strong team. We’ve discovered many Clubs League players are underrated due to results from the prior week. Several games have resulted in large rating swings–as much as 600 points! Do not underestimate your opponent in Clubs League! Five boards were played, and San Gabriel lost by two games. The following is the 2nd game played on Board #1:


Standings after Round 5

#NameRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Rd 6Total
1Chess Club ZebraW51W12W8W20W75.0
2Gill Saint Bernard’s KnightsW17W14W43W10W95.0
3Chess Projects Club MilanoH—W27W47W12W154.5
4Cercle D’Echecs De HullL5W31W14W29W194.0
5Chess Long IslandW4L10W42W13W184.0
6Club Scacchi CesenaW30W23L15W21W224.0
7Exeter Chess ClubW33W40W22W15L14.0
8GROP Chess ClubW44W47L1W24W204.0
9The Secret Dark Knight SocietyW53W16W19W36L24.0
10Saint Petersburg CC FloridaW50W5W36L2D163.5
11Schachclub Hochstadt a.d. AischW39H—L20W46W253.5
12Aatos Chess ClubW49L1W34L3W333.0
13Burlington Ambush Chess ClubW29L36W28L5W313.0
14ChessEmpire [Case Western Univ.]W31L2L4W26X363.0
15Club Ajedrez Puerta ElviraW25W21W6L7L33.0
16Coachella Chess ClubW48L9W50H—D103.0
17Galeria de Xadrez Borba GatoL2L28W53W43W293.0
18Los Angeles Chess FortressW37L19W48B—L53.0
19Los Pujamaderas Chess ClubW45W18L9W50L43.0
20Noble Park Chess ClubW34W24W11L1L83.0
21SK Povazske PodhradieW52L15W39L6W403.0
22Stockport Chess ClubW32W42L7W40L63.0
23TJ Bohemians PrahaW46L6L24W32W303.0
24TJ Valasska Bystrice – SachyW55L20W23L8W273.0
25Circolo Scacchistico ForliveseL15W49D46W41L112.5
26Club Mariano MorenoD43W54L29L14W452.5
27Airbus Chess ClubL47L3W30W44L242.0
28Aurora CC 2012L36W17L13L31W432.0
29Billiards Cafe Chess ClubL13W53W26L4L172.0
30Club Atletismo HuescaL6W33L27W42L232.0
31Columbia SC Chess ClubL14L4W35W28L132.0
32Eagle and Child ChessL22D38D41L23W492.0
33Echiquier du Grand AlesL7L30W49W52L122.0
34Hobart Chess ClubL20W51L12L37W502.0
35Huntsville Chess ClubD54L43L31W53D372.0
36IHOP Chess ClubW28W13L10L9F14U—2.0
37Lincoln High School Chess ClubL18L48D45W34D352.0
38Lycee Francais D’Agadir CCL42D32L40D51X462.0
39Schaakclub’t Ros DendermondeL11W52L21X47U—2.0
40Warley QuinborneW41L7W38L22L212.0
41Wimbledon Chess ClubL40W44D32L25D422.0
42Badgers Brook Chess ClubW38L22L5L30D411.5
43Club Depor. Esp. de Buenos AiresD26W35L2L17L281.5
44Hermanus Chess ClubL8L41W55L27D511.5
45San Gabriel Valley Chess ClubL19L50D37W48L261.5
46Val Parisis Echecs- FranconvilleL23W55D25L11F381.5
47A.D. Scacchi FoggiaW27L8L3F39U—1.0
48Highland High School Chess ClubL16W37L18L45U—1.0
49Phoenix Chess ClubL12L25L33W55L321.0
50Reno Chess ClubL10W45L16L19L341.0
52SK Ceska LipaL21L39W51L33U—1.0
53Villages Chess Club of FloridaL9L29L17L35B—1.0
54Jacksonville Chess Club NCD35L26U—0.5
55Gazmag Sakk SzakosztalyL24L46L44L49U—0.0
Clubs League Season 3
Chess Tournaments Club Matches: Live
Clubs League Round 4

San Gabriel Valley Chess Club earned its first victory in Round 4 when Highland High School Chess Club of Gilbert, Arizona forfeited due to lack of players. This Arizona State AIA Competitor arrived with 2 players to our 5 and forfeited all games. A request was made to to not be matched against any High School teams in the future.

Standings After Round 4

#NameRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Total
1Chess Club ZebraW53W19W10W134.0
2Exeter Chess ClubW26W33W15W84.0
3Gill Saint Bernard’s KnightsW27W23W34W144.0
4The Secret Dark Knight SocietyW55W17W12W284.0
5Chess Projects Club MilanoH—W20W41W193.5
6Cercle D’Echecs De HullL7W25W23W213.0
7Chess Long IslandW6L14W43W223.0
8Club Ajedrez Puerta ElviraW16W30W9L23.0
9Club Scacchi CesenaW24W31L8W303.0
10GROP Chess ClubW45W41L1W323.0
11Los Angeles Chess FortressW37L12W46B—3.0
12Los Pujamaderas Chess ClubW38W11L4W503.0
13Noble Park Chess ClubW47W32W18L13.0
14Saint Petersburg CC FloridaW50W7W28L33.0
15Stockport Chess ClubW44W43L2W333.0
16Circolo Scacchistico ForliveseL8W49D39W402.5
17Coachella Chess ClubW46L4W50H—2.5
18Schachclub Hochstadt a.d. AischW29H—L13W392.5
19Aatos Chess ClubW49L1W47L52.0
20Airbus Chess ClubL41L5W24W452.0
21Billiards Cafe Chess ClubL22W55W35L62.0
22Burlington Ambush Chess ClubW21L28W42L72.0
23ChessEmpire [Case Western Univ.]W25L3L6W352.0
24Club Atletismo HuescaL9W26L20W432.0
25Columbia SC Chess ClubL23L6W36W422.0
26Echiquier du Grand AlesL2L24W49W512.0
27Galeria de Xadrez Borba GatoL3L42W55W342.0
28IHOP Chess ClubW42W22L14L42.0
29Schaakclub’t Ros DendermondeL18W51L30X41U—2.0
30SK Povazske PodhradieW51L8W29L92.0
31TJ Bohemians PrahaW39L9L32W442.0
32TJ Valasska Bystrice – SachyW54L13W31L102.0
33Warley QuinborneW40L2W48L152.0
34Club Depor. Esp. de Buenos AiresD35W36L3L271.5
35Club Mariano MorenoD34W52L21L231.5
36Huntsville Chess ClubD52L34L25W551.5
37Lincoln High School Chess ClubL11L46D38W471.5
38San Gabriel Valley Chess ClubL12L50D37W461.5
39Val Parisis Echecs- FranconvilleL31W54D16L181.5
40Wimbledon Chess ClubL33W45D44L161.5
41A.D. Scacchi FoggiaW20L10L5F29U—1.0
42Aurora CC 2012L28W27L22L251.0
43Badgers Brook Chess ClubW48L15L7L241.0
44Eagle and Child ChessL15D48D40L311.0
45Hermanus Chess ClubL10L40W54L201.0
46Highland High School Chess ClubL17W37L11L381.0
47Hobart Chess ClubL13W53L19L371.0
48Lycee Francais D’Agadir CCL43D44L33D531.0
49Phoenix Chess ClubL19L16L26W541.0
50Reno Chess ClubL14W38L17L121.0
51SK Ceska LipaL30L29W53L261.0
52Jacksonville Chess Club NCD36L35U—U—U—0.5
54Gazmag Sakk SzakosztalyL32L39L45L490.0
55Villages Chess Club of FloridaL4L21L27L360.0
Chess banner
Chess Club News
SGVCC Holds First Organizational Meeting

The First Organizational Meeting of the San Gabriel Valley Chess Club was held Monday June 15th, 2020. The purpose of the meeting was to organize the club and determine how it will run, as well as other administrative matters such as the appointment of officers and Corporate Bylaws. The agenda included the appointment of SGVCC Corporate Officers, the approval of Organizational Bylaws and the appointment of a banking institution.

The Club’s primary purpose is the development and broadening of the game of chess as recreation, art, and as a significant element of culture in Southern California. This purpose will be accomplished by providing a physical location where people can play chess together and share in their enjoyment of the game of chess. Activities to promote this purpose shall include the organization of rated chess tournaments, casual play, and free instruction for those new to the game.

Club membership is open without discrimination to all members of the public who complete a valid application and pay annual dues.

Chess banner

The Board of Directors may appoint committees comprised of Club members in good standing who are not otherwise Board Officers. Such committees will present recommendations to the Board in writing and these recommendations may be adopted by a majority vote of the Board. To volunteer for a committee, please express your interest via the contact form on this site.

To submit suggestions, recommendations and ideas, please use contact any Board Member. The club will hold an Annual Meeting (TBD) and notice will be given to all members at least 30-days prior to such meeting.Other meetings may be held at the Board’s discretion as necessary to conduct Club affairs.

Any member interested in receiving a copy of the Club Bylaws may request a copy via the contact form on this site. You may also send an email to:email as pic


Volunteers are needed for 1-2 hours per week to assist with club duties. This includes the setup and management of club tournaments, assisting with occasional website and e-mail updates, reporting tournament results and other club matters. The club is also seeking submissions of original chess photography and article submissions on Chess960 and Arena Blitz for use on the club website.