Seeking Players for Clubs League Season 2

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    Players of all ratings are invited to join’s Season 2 of Clubs League — tentatively scheduled for Saturday, November 7 through Saturday, December 19, 2020. John Wright will be the Team Admin. Leave a Comment below if you’d like to play.

    There are two divisions – Division A and Division B. There is no difference in the divisions besides the minimum number of players per match. Division A has a minimum of 10 boards per match. Division B has a minimum of 5 boards per match. We are seeking as many players as possible so that we may qualify for Division A.

    Each match is a club vs. club match of two segments – rapid and blitz. In each segment, the club with the most game points wins that match segment.

    Each segment is weighted equally – if a club wins both segments, they earn a full match point, if one club wins the rapid and the other club wins the blitz, it is a tied match.  In case one segment is tied, the club that wins the other segment will receive the full match point.  Game points are not relevant in determining the match result. Only the result of each segment (win, loss, draw) is significant.

    👉🏽 Players are not required to play both segments in a match – they may play either segment, or both. 

    In each segment (rapid and blitz), each player will play 2 games against the same opponent (white/black).  Players will not necessarily play the same player in both segments.

    The rapid time control is 15 minutes plus 2 second increment. The blitz time control is 3 minutes plus 2 second increment.

    Players should show up early for their matches and ensure a stable connection. It is recommended but not required to play from a computer in case of connectivity issues. Players must join the rapid and blitz segments separately.

    Clubs are encouraged to bring as many players as possible to each match.  The minimum for each segment of each match is 10 players per club for Division A and 5 players per club for Division B.  If a club brings less than the minimum number of players, the match will still be played, but that club will be forfeited on the “missing” boards. We are hoping to get 10-15 players committed to playing for the SGVCC Team so that we can can qualify for Division A. John Wright will be the Team Admin for Season 2.

    👉🏽 We do not have to use the same players for each match.

    The default match time is Saturday 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern Time.

    The top 16 clubs in each division will qualify for the playoffs (scheduled for January 2021). The League will tentatively have weekly matches on seven (7) consecutive Saturdays – November 7, November 14, November 21, November 28, December 5, December 12, December 19, 2020.

    Leave a Comment below or get in touch with John Wright if you’d like to be part of the team or have any questions.

    1. Chris Stychinsky

      I’m interested please count me in.

    2. Hamlet Tovmasyan

      Hi John, I’m interested.

    3. Asher Prince


      I want to play this morning.
      How do I join in?

    4. John Roger Wright

      Thank you Chris, Hamlet and Asher! We also have Richard Reid and myself so that at least gives us 5 players, which is the minimum for Division B. Hopefully we get a few more but either way, it will be a lot of fun. Team play is great as sometimes it’s you giving your team a victory and at other times it is your teammate that saves the day. All of us who played in Season 1 found the day of the matches pretty exciting.

    5. Arturo Armagnac

      I’m interested please count me in.

    6. Laura Nystrom

      @Capatal2 – please message me on with your email or send it via the contact form on this site. Thank you!

    7. Laura Nyström

      UPDATE: Practice Match has been moved to 4pm on Sat. Oct. 24th

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