IM Shlyakhtenko Shows His Prowess!

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    IM Robert Shlyakhtenko showed he’s a tough guy to beat at his Simultaneous Exhibition on November 29, 2022. Facing 23 adversaries ready to make their mark he went 22-1, giving up only one loss against Expert Leo Wang. Despite our collective thumping everyone was appreciative that Robert visited the Club. The Simul was preceded by a very instructive lecture where Robert went over one of his many impressive wins. Special thanks to Senior TD Phil Chase for arranging Robert’s visit.

    Leo Wang saves the day with our only win!
    1. Jim Boren

      Hi John!
      Randy Hough just informed me of this web-site. I would like some details about when and what nights this club meets. Also If you could e-mail me with some information it would be much appreciated. Hope you’re well and look forward to seeing you again soon!

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