Rubinstein Open Concludes

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    Congratulations to Hamlet Tovmasyan, who went undefeated with a score of 4.5/5 to win the Rubinstein Open. Clear second was Armen Andranigian at 4 points. Arturo Armagnac wins the under 1800 section again. Friday’s arena play (password: sgv)

    will decide the rest.

    We had a record 20 players for this online event so thanks to all for their participation and support.

    Our next tournament start on April 2. Watch out for further anouncements

    You can find the Round 5 games below with comments on some. John Wright provides some Queens Gambit history in the Hamlet/Axel game as well as his own. Larry Stevens annotates his game against a Gerald Ruiz, a draw that had its share of excitement.

    1. John Roger Wright

      One of the more unusual positions I have seen was in Larry and Gerald’s game after the forced 32 Kh1. Mutually trapped Kings! Good commentary Larry.

    2. Russell

      Thank you for the annotations. Very helpful and much appreciated.

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